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This night face cream is a powerful support in helping us maintain our skin is young and velvety.

Hyaluronic acid is a super effective and essential element in the process of cell renewal since it has nourishing properties. We have to think of hyaluronic acid as a great reservoir for our skin that will be intensively hydrated and the presence of water will be able to plump the fabrics making them more elastic and young with the result of one more beautiful and toned skin.

Daily use of this product will give more volume and tone to the skin helping to visibly reduce wrinkles and leaving skin as soft as
silk. It also counteracts the irregular pigmentation of the skin and the appearance of unsightly spots on your face.

Your cream is a mix of natural ingredients including, Hazelnut Oil Apricot, Black Currant, Orange, Goji, Blueberry and Jojova.

Totally natural product free of parabens and petrolatum.

• Increases the plasticity of the tissues,
• cicatrizing,
• Plumps up,
• Reduces wrinkles,
• Revitalize.

Method of Use: after the usual cleaning, apply daily to the evening, on face and neck with a light circular massage until complete
Size: 50 ml jar.


body care


Flovor: Orange, Acai Berry; lemon & Lime, Rasberry


Serving size 1 packet (5g)

Ammount per serving %Dv Ammount per serving %DV
Calories 4g 4g selenium 4g 4g
Total carbohydrate 1g 1g manganese 1g 1g
sugars 1200mg 1200mg chromium 1200mg 1200mg
vitamin c 450mcg 450mcg chloride 450mcg 450mcg
thiamin 5mg 5mg sodium 5mg 5mg
niacin 10mg 10mg potassium 10mg 10mg
folates 20mg 20mg ionic 20mg 20mg
vitamin b12 25mg 25mg alpha 25mg 25mg
pantothenic acid 3mg 3mg boron 3mg 3mg
calcium 60mg 60mg selenium 60mg 60mg
magnesium 100mg 100mg *percent daily values 100mg 100mg
zinc 3mg 3mg 3mg 3mg
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