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This product is the result of careful research aimed at harmonizing the aromas and beneficial properties of plants that nature gives us. The selection of these oils was therefore a far from random process, we have indeed studied and combined many plants up to
get this fantastic and unique mix of essential oils: RESPIRO BIO.

In the details Respiro Bio is composed of 9 essential oils: peppermint and mint Arvensis, juniper, frankincense, myrrh, eucalyptus, scots pine, pine Pumilio and Melaleuca Alternifoglia (known as tea tree).

The properties of these plants are varied, but they all combine to give one RESPIRO BIO three different main functions:

  1. A balsamic and antimicrobial action that uses it for example in diffusers, heaters, in a handkerchief or in a car, etc. he is so capable to purify the air we breathe.
  2. Prevents and soothes respiratory ailments, excellent against coughs and phlegm with anti-inflammatory action.
  3. As external use, directly on the skin is a scar, cleanses the scalp and oily hair, indicated for skin irritations, insect bites, sunburn and as an analgesic.
  4. In addition to these properties, RESPIRO BIO is able to give you a moment daily relief thanks to the properties of mint which is a natural anti-stress that relaxes the nervous system giving you a natural parenthesis intact.


Method of use: in addition to the uses described above, see the back of the product.
Size: 10 ml bottle. (More than 300 drops)


body care


Flovor: Orange, Acai Berry; lemon & Lime, Rasberry


Serving size 1 packet (5g)

Ammount per serving %Dv Ammount per serving %DV
Calories 4g 4g selenium 4g 4g
Total carbohydrate 1g 1g manganese 1g 1g
sugars 1200mg 1200mg chromium 1200mg 1200mg
vitamin c 450mcg 450mcg chloride 450mcg 450mcg
thiamin 5mg 5mg sodium 5mg 5mg
niacin 10mg 10mg potassium 10mg 10mg
folates 20mg 20mg ionic 20mg 20mg
vitamin b12 25mg 25mg alpha 25mg 25mg
pantothenic acid 3mg 3mg boron 3mg 3mg
calcium 60mg 60mg selenium 60mg 60mg
magnesium 100mg 100mg *percent daily values 100mg 100mg
zinc 3mg 3mg 3mg 3mg
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