Throughout the years, supplements have become more readily available, but not all supplements are created equal! At VitalBulk®, Inc., they believe that quality is the heart of every one of their products. If it doesn’t meet or exceed their standards, it doesn’t leave the warehouse.

Every ingredient that enters VitalBulk®, Inc.
is scrutinized by their quality compliance department
and lab tested to ensure that you receive only the best.

Third Party
Lab Tested


High quality

VitalBulk only use pre-qualified suppliers for their supplements and they firmly believe that everyone needs to have their work checked.

They send all of their products to a third party lab to ensure that you are only receiving the highest quality supplements. VitalBulk also have a three check process for all of their products, if it fails at any point, it is not allowed to leave the facility. 

We believe that you have a choice, and you deserve the best, which is why you stick with VitalBulk®, Inc.