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A food supplement that contributes to healthy and relaxing sleep.

Why Powdered Vitamins?

Supplements must be absorbed by the body and used in order for them to be beneficial. Dr. Price’s Powdered Vitamins don’t contain Magnesium Stearate (A very un-healthy filler) and other un-needed additives like most pills, tablets and capsules. Therefore, your body doesn’t have to work as hard to break them down and benefit from their use. As you age, your digestive system can become weaker which makes it tougher to digest and absorb supplements. Our powders are not only made with the highest quality of ingredients but are formulated to be water-soluble. For this reason, when they are mixed with water, their “BioAvailability” becomes far more superior. This results in a much easier digestive process and a far greater absorption.

• Why does Dr. Price’s Sleep Vites Work?

One of the discoveries of Dr. Price’s research has been that, when delivered properly, it only takes micro doses of certain ingredients to create the desired effect on the body. It is not always the case with vitamins and minerals that more is better.

• Sleep Tip

Sleep is the time when the body fixes needed neurological and physical maintenance on itself. Sleep comes in the absence of “all important tasks.” If sleep is your task, you may be watching yourself to see if you are sleeping and then become frustrated and angry or worried that you are NOT sleeping. What it seems to boil down to, is that people have attention on the duty or task of going to sleep and staying asleep. Most people take this task very seriously and will do everything possible to accomplish it. As someone fails to accomplish their task, frustration, anger, disappointment and worry can set in. All these cause adrenaline to dump into the system. Adrenaline is the ANTI sleep hormone! Here are the solutions I have found that seem to help solve this issue:

1. Dr. Price’s Sleep Vites is of course at the top of the list as they were specially formulated to assist the body in doing it’s job and helping you to achieve yours much easier!

2. Make sure your body is well fed. Hunger causes adrenaline and as mentioned above, adrenaline doesn’t help get you to sleep.

3. Do your best to cut off taking any “stimulant based” food or drink 6 hours before your normal bedtime (caffeine, chocolate, sugar, energy drinks, etc.)

4. It is important to NOT approach sleep as a job or as a task. This will cause you to check to see if you are sleeping and/or cause stress and frustration if the task or job is not accomplished. This stress and/or frustration will cause adrenaline to dump into the system and adrenaline is the anti-sleep agent.

5. When you are ready to sleep, merely take some Dr. Price’s Sleep Vites, get into a comfortable position and enjoy being comfortable. Now, JUST REST. If you are just enjoying being comfortable and RESTING, sleep will come. You won’t be wondering if you are asleep, rather you will be enjoying being comfortable and resting.

6. If getting to sleep isn’t your issue but staying asleep is, usually that is because your body needs something. Use the bathroom, get a drink of water, get a snack and then return to bed, get into your comfortable position and continue resting. Remember, sleep is a natural function of the body and it will occur. Resisting it or worrying about it usually doesn’t help too much. Take some of the pressure off. Get comfortable and REST!


body care


Flovor: Orange, Acai Berry; lemon & Lime, Rasberry


Serving size 1 packet (5g)

Ammount per serving %Dv Ammount per serving %DV
Calories 4g 4g selenium 4g 4g
Total carbohydrate 1g 1g manganese 1g 1g
sugars 1200mg 1200mg chromium 1200mg 1200mg
vitamin c 450mcg 450mcg chloride 450mcg 450mcg
thiamin 5mg 5mg sodium 5mg 5mg
niacin 10mg 10mg potassium 10mg 10mg
folates 20mg 20mg ionic 20mg 20mg
vitamin b12 25mg 25mg alpha 25mg 25mg
pantothenic acid 3mg 3mg boron 3mg 3mg
calcium 60mg 60mg selenium 60mg 60mg
magnesium 100mg 100mg *percent daily values 100mg 100mg
zinc 3mg 3mg 3mg 3mg
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